Pink Rabbit

This post is a continuation from my last one. I took a photos of my outfit that day and it was pretty hard because I didn't own a tripod. So instead I used my ironing board.

Floral ring given by my sister when she went to Forever 21 and ribbon bracelet given by my friend Alex for Christmas. They probably know how much I love pastel pink.

Handbag given by my auntie during my 15th birthday. She thought it was my sister's birthday and gave me this. I wan't very much into fashion during that time so it was never used until now.

My pink Mel shoes that I completely adore. They're comfortable and they make my feet look nice. *u*

Salad Top | Topshop Black Skirt | Mel Pink Shoes | Yhansy Flower Necklace | ELLEparis Hand Bag | Forever21 Pink Floral Ring | Pink Bow Bracelet (gift from my friend Alex)

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