Last Wednesday I went out with my friend Alex to watch Avengers. But we arrived pretty early for the movie so we decided to eat lunch (breakfast for Alex) in La Crêperie.

Here is a photo of my gorgeous friend Alex. As you can she she loves pink as well. *u* 

This is me and I look funny as usual.

It was pretty early so there were no customers yet. I really like this restaurant because the place is so relaxing. Plus the food is really good!

So Alex decided to order some Earl Grey tea (because she wanted to feel British). Haha! 

Alex sipping her tea.

Both of us ordered Complete which was a mixture of mushrooms, ham, and Gruyere cheese wrapped in crepe. Topped with poached egg. Yum!

After the movie we had a little desert. Alex ordered Red mango ice cream and I had cocoa with rocksalt and cheese from Happy Lemon. 

My stomach is very happy.

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