Tea Party {Part One}

A month ago, me and my friend Alex had a tea party in celebration for our hard work. We finally have trophies for being consecutive dean's lister for three terms! So we held the tea party in my room since we couldn't think of anywhere else to do it. Especially outside since my cats might try to grab our food.

This is one of my mom's teasets. I really like it even though it's all white and grey.

So this is me trying to fix the teasets.
Mr. Bear says hi!

So this is my friend Alex and the hair I braided for her.

Now putting in the glorious cupcakes!

So here it is: the final output of our tea party.

I swear these cupcakes taste so good! Especially the red velvet with cream cheese frosting. I can never get tired of eating it. I bought them from Sophie's Mom. Go check out their facebook page!

Finally starting with our tea! All that preparation made me so hungry.

Okay, I did NOT eat all of the cupcakes! Me and Alex shared them and I just ended up with the wrapper. :))

Our amazing host for that day, Coco.

Coco trying to communicate with Alex

And this is us having our very first photo together.

Have a good day everyone!

Dead Roses

I really like keeping flowers. Especially roses when they start to dry.

I wore this to school a couple of weeks ago.

Jill Cardigan | NAVA Skirt | NAVA Scarf | Forever 21 Shoes | H&M Flower Clip | Thrifted Deer Necklace

I personally prefer it without the cardigan but our school doesn't allow straps that thin.

Here's a close up to what I was wearing that day.

These lovely earring are from My Gilded Nest. They also sell necklaces and bracelets in their facebook page. :)

So before I end this I want you to meet Coco, the adorable rex rabbit of our house.

He's always hungry and looking for food.

Coco says bye-bye for now.

White Pearls and Frills

Recently we had our midterms and I haven't had time for myself which explains my inactivity for the last 2 weeks. I also joined the school paper this year which makes me extra busy for this term. But I'm really enjoying my work to bits despite being flooded with so much assignments.

 Forever 21 Shirt |   Forever 21 Skirt | Forever 21 Socks | Melissa Shoes | Yhansy Collar | MOMOKO Bag

My legs aren't skinny at all. But I pretty much accepted it years ago. 

 My sister's artwork on this canvas bag!

Here's a closeup version. :)
More designs in their facebook page Momoko

Meet Mr. Bear

Today I will introduce to you my very special roommate.

This is what I wore last Thursday.

Gingersnaps Shirt |  Gingersnaps Skirt | Forever 21 Shoes | Rumba Watch |  Gingersnaps  Necklace | Demografik Bag

Here's a closeup photo of me wearing of this wonderful bag. It's my sister's artwork. I like it very much because it can hold so much things. Plus it's very colorful so you can match it with almost any outfit. You can buy it in Demografik.

Here's Mr. Bear and his friends. They're always in my room except when there are visitors. They're all pretty shy.

He doesn't talk very much.

My shoes from Forever 21. My sister bought it for me. *u*

Watch my mom bought for me.

"Hoot Hoot"


This is connected to my post last time about the hair styling contest we had for our class. I didn't want Maika's hard work on my hair to go to waste so I decided to take a photo of my outfit for that day. Pretty much a coincidence that the outfit looks good with curls. :)

This was my outfit last Thursday.

Gingersnaps Shirt | Mango Skirt | Simple Joys Bag | Forever 21 Socks | Forever 21 Wedges | SM Accessories Belt | Thrifted Necklace

Contents of my bag. Those two notebooks are made by my sister. Aren't they pretty? You can see the rest of her merchandise here in her etsy shop.

"Let us run away to a place we call home"