Meet Mr. Bear

Today I will introduce to you my very special roommate.

This is what I wore last Thursday.

Gingersnaps Shirt |  Gingersnaps Skirt | Forever 21 Shoes | Rumba Watch |  Gingersnaps  Necklace | Demografik Bag

Here's a closeup photo of me wearing of this wonderful bag. It's my sister's artwork. I like it very much because it can hold so much things. Plus it's very colorful so you can match it with almost any outfit. You can buy it in Demografik.

Here's Mr. Bear and his friends. They're always in my room except when there are visitors. They're all pretty shy.

He doesn't talk very much.

My shoes from Forever 21. My sister bought it for me. *u*

Watch my mom bought for me.

"Hoot Hoot"


  1. THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T I gotta have that bag! I bet Jason would cry if he ever sees your bag! =))))))))

    And btw, you have a really pretty room <3

    1. Hahaha thank you! *u* Yeah he really likes it! Always comments on how he's going to steal it. :))