Tea Party {Part One}

A month ago, me and my friend Alex had a tea party in celebration for our hard work. We finally have trophies for being consecutive dean's lister for three terms! So we held the tea party in my room since we couldn't think of anywhere else to do it. Especially outside since my cats might try to grab our food.

This is one of my mom's teasets. I really like it even though it's all white and grey.

So this is me trying to fix the teasets.
Mr. Bear says hi!

So this is my friend Alex and the hair I braided for her.

Now putting in the glorious cupcakes!

So here it is: the final output of our tea party.

I swear these cupcakes taste so good! Especially the red velvet with cream cheese frosting. I can never get tired of eating it. I bought them from Sophie's Mom. Go check out their facebook page!

Finally starting with our tea! All that preparation made me so hungry.

Okay, I did NOT eat all of the cupcakes! Me and Alex shared them and I just ended up with the wrapper. :))

Our amazing host for that day, Coco.

Coco trying to communicate with Alex

And this is us having our very first photo together.

Have a good day everyone!


  1. OMG so cute! Haha your photos look always so nice! ♥ plus you dress os well! Haha

  2. your room is beautiful. love the pastel colors <3

  3. Congratulations on being Dean's listers! By the way, I love both your dresses! :D

  4. hello dear! just stumbled upon your blog and i'm really loving it! new follower here! hihi. this post is so French! I like it. Ü
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  5. Aww that's so cute! I like tea parties where you can enjoy eating sweet cakes and talking to your friends haha. You've got a new fan by now.

  6. Gorgeous blog! Following~

    Have a great weekend ^.~


  7. Hi! I see you have a very adorable bunny! I'm planning to get one sometime soon. What tips could you give me? Like what did you do the first few weeks you had it and how did it became so domesticated(like just sitting in your couch)? Love your blog! It really hits my spot of interest. Thanks! <3Margret

  8. Hi and thank you Alexandra! Coco's first few weeks were just in the cage. But once in a while we carry him so he can get used to human contact. To potty train a rabbit, his food bowl should be inside the litter box. So Coco's litter box is outside with him every time we let him out. But for the first few months expect the rabbit to litter (urinate/poop) everywhere. Just make use you clean it immediately to avoid stains. As he grows older, the less he litters outside.

    Also make sure to carry him very well especially because of their fragile backbone. Also because they tend to get excited when they see a place they can land on. If it does, just cover his eyes then put him down on the surface. And make sure to feed him a lot of hay! Most tips can be found in the internet (amount of food, veggies, etc). Anyway hope you get to find a wonderful bunny! :)

  9. OMG! This is the cutest thing! The teaparty looked like so much fun. Coco is sooo adorable, too!

    I love you blog. I'm now your newest follower via greader. ;)

  10. oh my! this is soo amazing! total cuteness! :)

    Pumps & Kicks


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