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Hello again! I haven't posted for quite some time now because I didn't have time to take photos during my school days. Currently, our professors are bombarding us with so much projects that are due a week from now. And I can't believe it's just midterm! Hopefully I'll be able survive before the term ends.

So my friend Maika insisted I post again and thankfully I have something to blog about now because we had a hair styling contest in our World Literature class. The story was entitled Chignon by Chi Chun which mainly talks about old Chinese practices and the tolerance with concubines during olden times. It also talks about hair styling and it's relation to a women's status and age. Chignon is a feminist story but a good read and it can be finished in one sitting.

The competition grouping was by three so it was me, Maika, and Xiamara. I seriously don't know how I became the model for this since I was only hoping to be a stylist. Haha! Maika's plan was to curl my hair and I was completely scared about getting my hair curled. I know from previous experience that my face structure doesn't look good with curled hair at all. But miraculously Maika was able to pull it off! So amazing! *u*

This is the final output of the hairstyle 

They did such a good job with the accessories! It looks absolutely gorgeous from this angle.

And lastly, here's the full back view 

Now to present you my two gorgeous hair stylists!
Xiamara (left) and Maika (right)

All photos are copyrighted to Maika

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