Marc Schulze

Yesterday I tried to go back to digital painting and did a bit of practice. I was supposed to do a colored one but it was a bit too hard for me. So I stuck with a black and white version then work my way up to colored ones. It took a bit longer than the usual 1-2 hours of work.

Here are the process photos:
So I started with grey background and did a bit of the face.

 I usually start with the nose and eyes then end with the mouth area.

 More details on the eyes.

I think I should have at least stopped at this part of the drawing. I mean it looks more manly than the final outcome. Plus I like how you can see the brush stokes.

This is the final outcome. I absolutely enjoyed doing the hair and I like how it turned out. But not so very happy with the face because it looks too smooth. I pretty much wanted it to have some brush stoke effects but I was getting too OC. Note to self: be messy. :(

Have a good day! *u*

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